The exact process that we follow in each of our engagements depends upon the package that has been subscribed to. However, in most cases, we follow these steps to identify the perfect match for our customer.

Matrimony Prospecting Form

As a first step, we ask our clients to fill out a form that covers various essential details apart from identity information, such as height, zodiac sign, place of origin. The form also captures a brief about the personality, background and aspirations of the prospective bride/groom.

Getting to Know

This is an essential step, where our team spends time in understanding the personality and aspirations of the prospective bride/groom through active conversation. An insight is also obtained on the client family's culture and lifestyle as that proves to be an essential factor in identifying a match.

Searching the Database

On the basis of the collected information, we now start searching through our extensive database for the most optimum prospects. We often take help of our specialised software system for this task.

Sharing the Profiles

At this stage, we share the profiles of the shortlisted prospects with our client. Although we may not disclose private information about other parties, we furnish our clients with all relevant information necessary to make a decision.

Arranging a Personal Interaction

We now arrange a personal interaction with the families of the most suitable profiles. Our seasoned professionals themselves coordinate such interactions, and also take care of the logistic arrangements so that the families can share information in a comfortable setting.